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    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use

    Terms and conditions for using, providing, and exchanging information on the Passtopik.net site.
    (Note: The term 'user' in this document includes both members and visitors.)

    Chapter 1: General Terms and Conditions

    Article 1: Purpose

    These Terms and Conditions are used to manage access to and use of services on the e-learning site: Passtopik.net, developed by WinterLab (the 'provider'). This Agreement specifies details of responsibilities, obligations and benefits between the Service Provider and the Member. These are the provisions for the use of services legally provided by our company.

    Article 2: The Effectiveness and Change of Terms of Use

    These terms and conditions shall become effective by notification or other means to the members.
    WinterLab can update or change the contents of this Agreement.
    If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, the member may request the withdrawal of the member. If you continue to use the service after the effective date of the changed terms and conditions, you will be deemed to have agreed to the changes.This regulation also specifies conditions for the use of information and content submitted to System Passtopik.net, including rights, obligations, and restrictions. This is the privacy clause attached to this document. All information, documents, comments, and other content submitted to this website will be our property. WinterLab does not guarantee, support, sanction, recommend or verify information posted by members. All opinions and documents posted by the members do not reflect the opinions and perspectives of the website.As mentioned above, this Terms of Use is to ensure the purpose of the website. Users who do not comply with these terms and conditions may not use the Passtopik.net Web site in any form, either directly or indirectly.

    Article 3: Other than Terms and Conditions

    Anything not specified in this clause is subject to other applicable laws.

    Article 4: Definition of terms

    The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:

    • Member: enter into a service use agreement with the provider and successfully generate the user ID.
    • Member ID: The provider identifies the service by a combination of letters and numbers selected by the member.
    • Password: A combination of letters and numbers set by the member to protect the confidentiality of the account.

    • E-mail: An e-mail that exchanges information on the Internet.
    • Operator: Person selected by us to manage the entire service and facilitate the operation of the service.
    • Notification: All documents or information including notification messages, documents, photographs, voice, links, files or information that contributed to the member's service or the member's notification.

    Chapter 2: Service Agreement

    Article 5: Registration of Use

    The Provider provides paid services to members who agree to the terms of this Agreement. A member who has gone through the online registration process is deemed to have legally agreed to this Agreement by pressing the "I Agree" button.
    Agreeing to this Agreement means that the member agrees to all services provided by the service provider, and it is deemed that the member has agreed to answer the registration information honestly. If you do not agree, you can click "Disagree".
    During the registration process, all users are asked to provide complete, true, and accurate information used to register their accounts. In the event of inaccurate or inaccurate information, we reserves the right to temporarily lock or suspend the use of your account without prior notice without any liability. You are solely responsible for maintaining control of your password without using other users' accounts or sharing your account information with others. In any case, the user is responsible for all operations related to the use of his or her password on the system. If you are suspicious of unauthorized use of your account, you can contact us directly for the quickest support.
    Upon registration, users must accurately supply their own active email to Passtopik.net to facilitate the exchange of information and to receive new notifications or changes from Passtopik.net. Pastopik.net shall not be liable for any benefit associated with the use of the account of the person who has registered in the email if you have registered and provided it with an email that is not owned and active.

    Article 6: Application and acceptance of use

    The Supplier will record all of the member's registration information, and upon completion of the registration process, the Supplier will proceed with the Service Registration Approval on the Passtopik.net site.

    The Supplier may withhold the member's consent to use the service until the reservation is canceled due to the following registration reasons.
    • In the event of a service-related failure
    • In case of insufficient
    • If it is deemed necessary to confirm further by another party

    The provider does not approve the use registration in the following cases:

    • A person who has registered with another person's identity.
    • A person who enters false information necessary to sign up as a member.
    • Violators of social order at the time of membership
    In other cases, the provisions of Articles 1 and 3 above shall apply.

    Article 7: Change of member information

    If you want to change the information you have registered, the member must modify it online at site: www.passtopik.net.
    The provider shall not be liable for any loss caused by the problem under Article 1.

    Article 8: Termination of Service Contracts

    Upon decommissioning, the member shall apply for termination by phone, e-mail or online at www.passtopik.net.
    The provider may terminate the contract without prior notice to the user in the following cases or may claim damages from the user in the case of paragraphs 1 and 2.
    • Where a member commits an act that undermines the reputation of the provider;
    • In case a member intentionally interferes with the operation of the service;
    • Where a member plans or conducts an act that violates national and social interests;
    • Where a member operates a business or provides a service to others without prior consent;
    • if the agency determines that the service is not suitable for you.

    Article 9: Prohibition of Transfer

    The user cannot provide or transfer the service voucher and cannot use the service as collateral.

    Chapter 3: Using Services

    Article 10: Service hours

    In principle, the service is available 24 hours a day, unless there is a special problem with the company's business or technology.
    The company can set the available time separately for each service. In this case, it will be notified in advance.

    Article11: Managing members' IDs and passwords

    The member shall be responsible for the retention and maintenance of his account (including ID and password) and shall be fully liable for the activities using the account, regardless of whether the member is aware of the fact.
    The provider may change the member's ID at the request of the member or at the authority of the provider in the following cases:
    • In the event that a member's ID includes a phone number, resident registration number, etc. and thus violates the member's personal privacy;
    • The member's ID may go against the custom or cause antipathy to others.
    • Where a member has justifiable grounds under the supplier's regulations

    Article12: Adding and changing service content

    The provider reserves the right to change the type and content of the service if necessary and is responsible for notifying the member by email, article or email of the change.
    In the event of any need to add or alter service content, the provider shall notify the member in advance using the method set out in Article 1.

    Article 13: Supplier's Duty

    The provider may not disclose or share to third parties any personal information relating to the member's provision of services without the member's own permission. However, this regulation does not apply if required at the request of the Telecommunications Association or in accordance with the relevant statutes for criminal investigation purposes, such as the Telecommunications Act.
    Within the scope of Article 1, the provider may record and provide statistical data on some or all members' personal information at the request of its member management company. In addition, the provider may send cookies to member computers through the service. In this case, the member can change the options for the browser he or she is using to warn or refuse to receive information from the cookie.

    Article 14: User's Duty

    When using the service, the user shall not do the following.

    • Post incorrect information when applying for service or changing member information
    • The act of using the ID of another member for illegal purposes.
    • The act of posting, broadcasting, or providing information received through the service to a third party without prior permission from the member without prior use by the supplier;
    • Content that holds copyrights, trade secrets, or third-party intellectual property rights shall not be published unless you are a writer or have legal ownership of such content.
    • Infringement of other rights, such as supplier's copyright, third party's copyright, etc.
    • Violation of laws by objective review
    • the unauthorized use of another person's personal account, the theft of a password, or the infringement of the rights and interests of another person's organization or individual.
    • Hacking services, creating and installing programs that contain viruses or malicious software, affects or violates users' rights and interests.
    • Disgrace or insult another person'
    • Continuously link and send specific content, such as advertising information, to others
    • Send spam content
    • All acts of concern or obstruction of service management and operation;
    • Other violations of relevant laws

    When using the service at Passtopik.net, you should understand and agree that the information you receive is collected from various sources posted by the member. Therefore, we are not responsible. or control over the accuracy, usefulness, security, or intellectual property rights associated with the content, in addition to the content posted by the employee. Each article has hidden benefits and potential risks. Your mission is to find, modify, and turn the benefits of each article into knowledge. However, we will do our best to select and remove offensive content to create the most favorable learning environment for students.

    Article 15: Policies on the Cost of Service

    Basically, the provider's services are based on the principle that they are provided free of charge to users. However, paid services and information must be paid by the user for the amount specified in that information.
    Prices and coverage of VOD / AOD content will be announced separately. The payment method and the amount for online courses and other paid content are different according to the rules specified in the service.

    Article 16: Cancellation and Refund Policy

    Supplier will not be able to continue providing paid service and if the user requests a refund for the remaining amount, Supplier will refund it through the account you specified. However, this refund amount depends on the supplier's refund policy.
    The provider will process your cancellation and refund requests in accordance with the refund policy specified on the website. However, the user may not accept the refund request in the following cases.
    • In case the service is not available due to the mistake of a member user.
    • Total refund cost exceeds balance
    • The user requests a refund after leaving the service.
    • Other reasons for a valid, unconfirmed refund

    Depending on the payment method, it may take up to a week to process the refund request. If the refund processing period is extended, the provider will notify the user in advance, and the user cannot blame the provider for the intentional delay.
    If the service provided is a paid download, the user cannot cancel it, and due to the value of the product transferred to the user, there is a non-refundable principle.
    In the event of an expense arising from the negligence of the Supplier's responsibilities, the Supplier shall refund the full amount, and in the case of expenses arising from the negligence of the User's Liability, the Supplier shall be responsible for some of the appropriate expenses to the extent that the Supplier has to repay you.

    Article 17: Aborting service delivery

    The provider may discontinue the service delivery in the following cases:

    • Disagreements due to the installation or maintenance of equipment used in the service.
    • The carrier has stopped providing telecommunication services under the Telecommunications Act.
    • If communications equipment is damaged or information requiring inspection, maintenance or replacement is interrupted, services can be interrupted and members can be notified via e-mail and bulletin boards. Notice, however, if you are reluctant to notify, you can notify it after the service returns to normal.
    • Events caused by other force majeure reasons.
    • National emergencies, equipment failures, or abuse prevention may cause service providers to limit or suspend all or part of the service.

    Article 18: User's Commitment

    The member promises to abandon Passtopik.net (including branch offices, representative offices, management departments, employees and centers) in all claims of damages and liability. Cost due to loss or:
    • Use of your services on the Passtopik.net Web site.
    • Due to your breach of the terms and conditions.
    • Violates regulations that apply to content posted by users.
    • You infringe on the rights of third parties: rights such as copyrights, intellectual property rights, publishing rights, personal rights, or other related rights.

    Chapter 4: User Protection

    Article 19: User Protection

    The supplier is responsible for maintaining the installed equipment for continuous and reliable service delivery. If such equipment fails or becomes unusable, the supplier must repair or repair it immediately.
    Supplier shall not disclose or divulge your personal information to any third party without your consent. However, the provider shall not be liable if the Service Manager divulges any personal information that is not an employee of the Company.
    If the user's opinion or complaint is deemed justifiable, it is the supplier's responsibility to immediately take action and inform the user of the cause and process.

    Article 20: Compensation for damages

    The service provider shall not be liable for any damages related to the use of the service due to reasons attributable to the member.

    Article 21: Immunity

    If the service cannot be provided due to force majeure such as natural disasters, the supplier shall be exempted from the responsibility.
    The service provider shall not be liable for any service use problems caused by the member's responsibility to the service provider.
    The provider shall not be liable for the failure of the member to obtain the expected benefits from the service
    use, nor shall it be liable for damages caused by the information obtained through the service.

    Chapter 5: Intellectual Property Rights

    Article 22: Intellectual Property Rights

    The provider does not allow commercial use, privacy practices, reauthorization, production, transfer, repair, dissemination, loan or partial or full lease. A set of content, services, software and trademarks that the provider owns intellectual property and does not permit similar acts by third parties.
    The author has responsibilities and rights to articles and materials of the Association, and other than posting them on the service site, the provider may not use such content for commercial purposes without their consent. an author's idea
    In addition, in the case of non-profit, the provider does not comply with the above and reserves the right to publish to the service site.

    This Agreement shall enter into force on January 1, 2020.


    Information protection policy

    Passtopik.net understands that personal information is considered when registering all users' web site membership. Therefore, we will always do our best to protect the privacy of our users and to ensure that they can study with real confidence at Passtopik.net.

    1. Collecting personal information

    When signing up for membership at Passtopik.net, the user must supply the following information:
    • Subscription information: ID, email, nickname
    • Personal information: first name, gender, phone, address, date of birth, resident registration number/passport (or guardian information if no resident registration number/passport)
    • Information when a student responds to an information questionnaire provided on a phone, email, or website.
    • Event and competition information at Passtopik.net; member transaction resume at Passtopik.net.
    • This information will not only help students solve problems, but will also be very necessary to ensure benefits.

    2. Use of personal information
    We can provide better service and notify educators by utilizing the learner information provided to provide better service and address possible problems in the course of goods and services, promotions, service use, payment and communication.
    Passtopik.net research products and services on Passtopik.net, research on products and services, and develop and improve existing services that meet members' preferences and preferences.

    3. Personal Information Retention Period

    Obtaining Information: Data held in the system for one year for the information content provided, and since the request has occurred, processing data for registration requirements, service interruptions, fee details, student claims information and claims processing results from the date of receipt.

    4. Information Collection and Management Agency

    All information provided by the user is collected and managed by Winterlab.

    5. Methods and tools for modifying personal data

    Once logged in, students can click on a location. Select login and modify the required personal information.

    6. Information sharing

    We do not share or use with third parties for any commercial purposes except for all personal information support, provision, provide necessary information, contact with educators and some specific cases.
    • Information is provided only when Passtopik.net and other third-party service users are assured of property, rights protection, and legal information.

    In such a case, when the information is required to be disclosed to the rest of the third party, specific notice is given to the member and this information is provided only when the member has agreed to it. You can also call Passtopik.net directly on the hotline 024.6664.7000 or contact us via email info@Passtopik.net for instructions on how to support and execute it.

    7. Protection and pledge of member information

    We are taking appropriate security and technical measures to prevent illegal access to or loss or destruction or damage to your information. When collecting data from the web, we collect your personal information on a secure server. We use firewalls on the server. Use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) code to collect electronic payment card details. When we cannot guarantee 100% security, SSL will make it difficult for hackers to decrypt your information. Do not send us enough credit card or debit card details without being encrypted. We encourage students not to give anyone detailed information about the payment by email. We will not be held responsible for any losses students may experience in the process of exchanging personal information via the Internet or email.
    The user does not use any other program, tool, or format to interfere with the system or change the data structure. No distribution, dissemination, or encouragement is allowed for any activity to interfere, destroy, or invade data on a website system. All violations will be forfeited of all rights and will be prosecuted before the law if necessary.
    Passtopik.net does not use users' personal information for illegal activities. However, we can provide the user's personal information to a third party in the following cases.
    • If we obtain permission from the user
    • Services provided at Passtopik.net require: The act of interacting with or being provided by a third party.

    • Court orders or legal proceedings in accordance with law or statute;
    • If we see the member's actions as violating our guidelines for products or services on Passtopik.net

    8. Third-party demand policy

    Passtopik.net membership is only available on the website Passtopik.net. Other third parties affiliated with Passtopik.net are not included or related. Therefore, if you join Passtopik.net and use third-party amenities, you must carefully read third-party security provisions to ensure your own personal rights.


    9. Changing Provisions

    The provisions of this policy are intended to meet the actual conditions. Major changes to the terms and conditions will be notified directly on the Passtopik.net website or emailed to your email address for students to quickly and accurately understand the information.

    10. Receiving and resolving complaints

    Step 1: Users send a grievance to the email address below: info@Passtopik.net, or customer support phone number 024,6664.7000

    Step 2: Passtopik.net's customer management department will receive complaints from its members, and depending on the nature and extent of the objection, Passtopik.net will take concrete steps to support its members to resolve the dispute. The department will respond quickly to the outcome of the complaint resolution in accordance with the company's policies announced within seven business days.

    Step 3: With the authority and authority of Passtopik.net, where impossible, the Board will require students to submit the case to their competent government agencies.
    Passtopik.net respects and seriously enforces legal regulations that protect the rights of its members (consumers).

    11. User Agree

    The above provisions are in accordance with current law and guarantee the best rights for those who use the services of Passtopik.net. When using Passtopik.net services, those who agree are willing to accept the provisions of this information protection policy.
    If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact us at 024.6664.7000.